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  About organizer

The AEM 2009 is hosted by the Bunte Liga Köln and will be mainly organized by the team Friendly Fire FC.

This year we celebrate the 20th birthday of the Bunte Liga Köln e.V., and so we consider the AEM 2009 as a highlight of this anniversary.

Nobody knows exactly how long the Bunte Liga Köln exists or where the real roots can be found. We heard contradictory statements and recollections of the last active witnesses from the early years. The first regular matches between political activists and some (scene-) pubteams maybe took place in the early seventies. Documented is the foundation of the Bunte Liga Köln in 1989, when six teams (Calamares International, Grandhotel Abseits, Petermann Stadtgarten, Prinzip Hoffnung, Roter Hammer and Zombie Zollstock) agreed to a regular championship round (taken from The number of teams grew over the years, so that the league counts 44 teams today. The initially political spirit of the Bunte Liga of the early years gave way to diversity. But the league has retained a certain social and alternative attitude. Bunte Liga Köln is a registered association since 2008.

The AEM 09 also wants to document the history of the league and its companions from the Cologne (pub-) cultural scene and social fields.

The team Friendly Fire FC is since 2003 in the league (initially as KackT U.S. Höhenhaus which was founded in 1998). In the last years we organized anually tournaments. But next to the athletic program (football) we always set value on concerts by various bands and a big party.

The FFFC attended the AEMs in the years 2004 and 2005.