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2003/04 the Alternative European Championship (German short “AEM”) was founded by the Züricher FSFV, the so calles “Progressive Swiss Football Association". The FSFV itself was founded in 1977, and is the oldest officially registered,but alternative football league in Europe. Only the Wilde Liga Bielefeld, which is not a registered association, was founded before, in 1976.

The idea for the AEM was developed to provide a platform of exchange within alternative football in Europe. The first AEM was played in Zurich 2004.

Teams from England, Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland participated the premiere of the championship, and although the number of participating countries was quite low the first AEM was a great success and we decided to give the tournament to the Bunte Liga Berlin in 2005.

After Berlin in 2005 we continued in Vienna 2006, but due to problems of organization the championship in the year 2007 was canceled.

The comeback of the alternative european football in Cologne 2009 will hopefully be a renaissance followed by annual tournaments in the future. We consider this tournament in Cologne to be a great challenge and motivating. It honors us to promote the pan-European exchange of alternative football teams and leagues.



Obstberg United (Bern)
RotoR (Zurich)
RotoR (Zurich)
RotoR (Zurich)