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The Piches and
immediate vincinity

Poller Wiesen, Köln
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The matches will be played on the Poller Wiesen (meadows of Poll). The Poller Wiesen are an important venue of the Bunte Liga Köln matches. The pitches are directly next to each other and certainly have the most beautiful panorama. With view on the river Rhine, on the city of Cologne and its Cathedral. The condition of the pitches are above the-average quality in Cologne. We will set up food and beverage carts in the area of the tournament to support the possibility of communication and exchange. Of course there will be opportunities for the teams to retreat. Cabins and sanitary facillities are also on area of the championship.

The Cologne city center can be reached by tram within 20 minutes. The slightly longer walk to the tram stop (approx. 10 minutes) is followed by a tram trip of also nearly 10 minutes



51105 Cologne

Approaching by public transport

KVB-tram 7
in direction of Zündorf
get off at Poll/Salmstr
Bus 159
in direction of Schüttewerk
get off at


KVB-tram 7
get off at Poller Kirchweg
10 min. walk